Micha’s “Crossing the Alps” challenge 2018

Hannibal did it, Napolion did it, and hords of tourists are doing it evry year. So why do it myself? Well, it is all about your own personal experience. The mountains, the weather, the people you meet, the lovely food. But also exhaustion, rain, snow, sweat, blisters. I do not intend to use any additional aids such as taxi, bus or cable cars - just walking, walking and walking. From Germany to Italy. Five mountain ranges, seven valleys and two alpine summits. Simple dormitories in mountain cabins, but also superb Spa visits in the valleys, with everything from basic cantina food to five course gourmet dinner. I am guiding myself to my own experience, at my own pace, making my own story.   Read the whole story here:
The challenge is completed!