Monday, 23.7.
17:30 Larvik, Norway: departure with the Superspeed-ferry to Denmark
21:15 arrival Hirtshals, driving to Germany, stay at a motel on the way

Tuesday 24.7.
Ca 16:00 arrival Oberstdorf, overnight stay at Schules Spahotell. Weisswurscht and beer in town!

Wednesday 25.7.
12:00 Auf geht's! Along the road to Spielmannsau, relatively flat for the first couple of hours.
Then three hours and 900 m steeply upwards to the Kemptner Hut, and with a few brakes we should be there at 18:00. Nice contrast to last night, with dormitory and cantina dinner...

Thursday 26.7.
No worry, today's leg is not that demanding! After a breakfast at 08:00 120m up to the Madelejoch, and we cross the border to Austria. From there mostly downhill to the Lechtal and the village Holzgau, then along the valley to Bach and the romantic Stockacher Hof, with spa and a delicious austrian cusine! The whole tour takes around five hours, so we expect to arrive there in the afternoon...

Friday 27.7.
A more demanding leg today, split into two sections: at 09:00 we start walking across the Madautalen, 3,5 hours relatively flat to Hermines Berggasthaus, and a lunch including the famous "Kaiserschmarrn".
At 14:00 latest we move on upwards to the Memminger-hut at 2242m, 800 m steeply upwards, which will take us three hours, or maybe four.. accomodation in the dormitory...

Saturday 28.7.
A really cool day today! To start with 1,5 hours ascend to the Seescharte (2599m), with some scrambling as we get higher, and then a long 5 hour walk down to the Inn-valley and Zams. We have to get up very early to make it to the train to Innsbruck 14:00. There we will stay at the fashionable Adler-hotel, in a luxury room at the top floor, and we will enjoy everything the city has to offer!

Sunday 29.7.
Today we can slppe a little bit longer, but not too long, we have to make it to the Parorama-restaurant in the 12th floor, where we will have a long breakfast. At 13:00 the train will bring us back to Zams where we will rejoin the route. From 14:00 til 18:00, four hours and 1250 meters walking upwards will bring us to the Venet Summithut. Here we have a regular room and another panorama restaurant with an spectacular view.

Mandag 30.7.
This is one of the harder days! We get up at 07:00, and start with crossing the ridge of the Venet. Passing the Galflunhytte we walk down to Wenns, where we will take a lunchbreak around 12:00. Then a 25 km walk is awaiting us, steadily upwards throuh the Pitz-valley, mostly on tarmac and gravel roads. Latest at 18:00 we should be at the Pitztaler Kirchenwirt at Plangeross, where a Spa and a three course dinner will be waiting for us.

Tirsdag 31.7.
It was well worth investing in a long leg yesterday, today we can start as late as 13:00 and move slowly upwards to the Braunschweiger-hut, from 1600m til 2734m. Around 17:00 we should be there. Now we are entering the high alpine areas, we are close to the glaciers and the highest mountains og Austria. Since this is a very popular and crowded hut, we only managed to get some bunks in the winter-room (but the food should be ok)

Onsdag 1.8.
Resting day at the Braunschweiger-hut. Acclimatisation with some glacier walks and crevasse security recap as preperation for the big day tomorrow.

Torsdag 2.8.
The highlite of the tour! Up at 4:00, then crossing the glacier, then, depending on weather and conditions, ascent of the Wildspitze, Austria's second highest mountain, via the North-east ridge. Pan B is the ascent of the WIldspitze via the Mitterjoch, but in any case we have to climb down the via ferrata to Vent in the Ötztal-valley. A very long day, maybe up to 12 hours, with everythig the mountains have to offer! By 16:00 we should be arriving Vent. This day we will stay at the fabulouos Aquadome Spa hotel in Längenfeld.

Friday 3.8.
Resting day at the Aquadome!

Saturday 4.8.
Back to Vent to rejoin the route at 12:00, then up to the Similaunhytte, arrival 17:00. Dormitory for the last time.. but we are looking forward to a delicious dinner, because we are in Italy now!

Sunday 5.8.
Last day! Depending on weather, we will ascent to the Similaun summit (four hours) and then cross the border and descend to Vernagt in Italy, which will take another 3,5 hours.
The main ridge of the Alps is now crossed, and we can move on to Merano and celebrate with an italian dinner!

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