From Oberstdorf to the Kemptner hut

Walking over the alps, only by foot, back to the basics...everything can happen, from snowy conditions to rain and sunshine. Well, I was lucky, the sun was shining, the temperatures were high, and the weather report was telling me that this will be so for the next week or so.. and the first leg was easy on paper: walking up a valley to the Kemptner-hut, an estimted three hours, so we started at 13:00 in Spielmannsau outside of the small Bavarian Town Oberstdorf. No, actually it was 14:00, dad had forgotten the ski poles in Oberstdorf and had to make an additional round trip. Hot, humid, lots of vegetation, but as we ascended it was getting cooler, the landscape changed to a more rocky style, and clouds were moving up from the plains. As we arrived at the terrace of the restaurant, even some raindrops were falling..

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