From the Similaun hut to Merano

At 05:00 the mobile woke us up, and after a quick breakfast we were ready to go. Due to the hot summer the route over the glacier was not so obvious, so we waited for the first guided group and followed after. The crevasses were easy to spot, and the biggest danger was that one of us would slip on the rock hard blue ice. Crossing the 3500m line, the wind was picking up, and it felt more like being in Iceland than in the summer-hot central Europe. Due to the snow conditions the way up was re-routed along the rocky summit ridge, easy to go except one awkward ice passage, so crampons were a must. After 2,5 hours we reached the summit, found a leeward spot and enjoyed the view!

On the way down, the glacier was melting at record high speed, creating small rivers of water everywhere - one could almost see the glacier melting in real time. Back to the Similaun hut, we took a lunch brake and prepared for the very last leg of our epic journey through the alps - the way down to Vernagt with it's emerald-blue lake. One more steep section which needed full concentration, and then it was all about walking downwards, among a lot of cows, knowing that we are jut a small step away from the finishing line.

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