From Vernagt to Merano

Well, now I have crossed the alps by foot. In one way, it was less exhausting than anticipated. Once you get used to walking every day it becomes a natural thing to do. Physical activity and much less Internet and mobile phone activity cleared my mind. We were lucky with the weather and track conditions , the only setback were the dangerous conditions on the Taschacher glacier of the Wildspitze. And let's not forget the 38km monster-trip from Venet to Plangeroß, due to a planning error - fortunately this was the only one... We had also enough time to enjoy the landscape and people, taking a brake whenever we wanted. Personally I do not understand people doing this trip in 6 days, and with the help of bus and cable cars, they are missing a lot of the essence of such an adventure.

The last day brought us back to civilization, to a lovely flat in Merano, with superb restaurants, and a trip to the lake Garda. We were swimming the whole afternoon and suddenly we had the crazy idea to climb the nearby Via Ferrata Monte Albano. Classified as grade D, but in reality technically a lot easier. Still, there are some breathtaking passages and traverses, and fear of heights would be inappropriate in such locations. In the last light of the day we completed the route in record time, jogged down the mud track in the dark and returned to our car for driving all the way home to Norway. What will be my next adventure?

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