From the Kemptner hut to the Stockacher Hof

The plan for day two was not too frightening either: a short ascend to the Mädelejoch, which is the border between Austria and Germany, and then we had to walk down three hours to Holzgau in the Lech-valley. The path down was a bit steeper than expected, but we forgot that quickly when we saw the menu at the lovely Uta's Cafe. After a delicious lunch in charming surroundings we decided to choose a small deviation and crossed the newly installed hanging bridge, and soon we were in Holzgau. Mam took the bus from there, and Dad and I walked the last few kilometers along a small river to the Stockacher Hof hotel - we were very firm on that we would not take any additional means of transport than our legs! Once there, we relaxed in the (weirdly decorated) spa and enjoyed ourselves with a typical Austrian dinner.

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