From the Memminger hut to Zams

This was the longest day so far. Up at 06:00, we were one of the first to approach the Seescharte-col. It was still very cold on the north side, but after some easy scrambling, secured by a steel wire, we crossed the narrow gap and enjoyed sunshine and an early lunch. From there it was only down, down, down.. fourteen kilometers and 2000 height meters down into the Inn-valley. Without any major breaks we went on and on, first very steep ownwards, then across romantic pastures and at the end along an exposed track along the valley. Going fast was the right decision: half an hour before our arrival in Zams the heavens opened their gates and we had just time enough to get our umbrellas and rain-jackets out of the backpack. We took the train to Innsbruck and checked in at the fashionable Adler's hotel, sipping creative/exotic drinks on the roof terrace, and enjoying the views of Innsbruck.

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