Resting day at the Braunschweiger Hut

This day was planned as a resting day, but as the day progressed, we went down to the glacier and introduced Tom Christian into the secrets of glacier travelling.  And since we were already on the glacier, we crossed over to the other side, where we discovered a cable car to the summit of the 3440m high Brunnenkogel. Up at the summit cafe, we had a spectacular view at tomorrow's planned route to the Wildspitze. The staff on the hut has warned us to take that route due to the warm whether and the poor condition of the snow bridges on the glacier.  As we looked closer, we understood that they were right: no tracks at all, not even guided groups were going there, so we decided to change the route and cross the Rettenbachjoch instead. Defeat? No, not really... as the famous climber Ueli Steck mentioned once, the ultimate defeat is to die on the mountain. Well, thinking twice, not really, since it is also fully possible just to be struck by bad luck. Anyhow, we enjoyed a fantastic day in fantastic surroundings, and a great dinner at the Braunschweiger hut. And late at night a thunderstorm performed a spectacular lightning show for us.

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