From the Venet Summit Hut to Plangeroß

What a day! Dad thought that the "Ptiztaler Kirchenwirt", the finishing point of the leg would be in the middle of the 30km long Pitztal valley, but it was not, it was almost at the very end...which meant that the day was split into two parts: first walking across a ridge across the Venet-ranges down to the small village of Wenns. And then, after a break, walking 26km along the Pitztal valley, in total a 38km hike. While the first part was lovely, with pastures, cows and an occasional cafe and mostly downwards, the second part was extremely tough. Hour after hour along or beside the tarmac road into the Pitztal-valley, always slightly upwards, and the 30+ degrees heat did not make the task easier. Fortunately there was plenty of water on the way, and eventually we arrived at Plangeroß, half dead, and just in time make it to the dinner at the Pitztaler Kirchenwirt.

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