Bukit Timah: an insignificant  hill with significant history

No highpoint is too low for conquering, and after some research we figured out that Singapore’s spot to visit was only a short subway ride from the city center. Featuring a height of 163m this sounded this like a nice walk to us, and equipped with a water bottle, an umbrella and a subway-map we were heading into the underground.

35 minutes after leaving the-air conditioned subway station we stood on the summit, full of sweat. Some quick photos, some water, and soon we were on our way down. Lots of signs warned us about not feeding the monkeys, but since we saw none, we diverted onto a small trail into the jungle. No monkeys there either, but a giant lizard and a venomous pit-viper crossed our way… some unexpected excitement in a city like this!

Back at the swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel – overcrowded with hordes of selfie-taking tourists – we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could after the small excursion into the tropical city-rainforest.