Two wet training hikes in the heart of Taiwan

Hehuan East was one of the view peaks we did not summit at the first attempt. Not because the diffiulties, but simply because were too late and it was raining cats and dogs and dinosaurs.. as it is common in the rainy season in Taiwan. Wet and cold, in the light of our fading headlamps we returned to our car, covering our seats with plastic rain ponchos, trying desperately to dry our gear on the long way back to the hotel.

Mountains are mountains, and with new optimism we tried to reach the 3421m high Hehuan East summit the next day. The trail itself is – apart from the altitude – not very challenging, and most of the lower part is secured with stairs and handrails. But for us it was a great training for the two 4k mountains to come: Yushan and Kinabalu.

As usual the summit was covered by fog, and it was raining (remember, raining season..), so I do not have any idea what the Hehuanshan range is looking like, but people say it is beautiful up there!